Mekong Delta at Cai Be

Sampan boat Mekong Delta conical hat Vietnam

We just returned from 3 days/2 nights in the Mekong Delta at Cai Be. Full review of Mekong Lodge to come, however in the meantime here are some memorable moments.

Mekong Delta boat ride Vietnam sampan

Riding in a traditional wooden boat

Vietnamese conical hat

Wearing conical hats - and yes, people do wear these regularly!

Checking out an antique house and its beautiful gardens

Antique house Cai Be

Learning about lots of different fruit trees

Pomelos in Vietnam

Wearing Pomelo skins as hats. Gabriel started to sing "Happy Birthday"!

Mosquito nets at Mekong Lodge Vietnam

"Camping" under our mosquito nets at Mekong Lodge

Pool at Mekong Lodge Vietnam

Swimming in our little pool outside the bungalow

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