Here’s a video of Vietnam family travel during a weekend around Hue. I went to Alba Hot Springs Resort and Vedana Lagoon, both of which were awesome Vietnam getaways with kids.

Video made with the 1 Second Everyday (1SE) app.

Vedana Lagoon is my new favorite Vietnam getaway. After five years of living and traveling in Vietnam with children, I have not found another resort with the level of service, attention to detail, delicious food, gorgeous setting, and well-appointed accommodation.

This is the quiet, relaxing, tropical paradise that you see in all the Southeast Asia travel magazines, but is elusive to find due to the general lack of service industry training and the domestic travel market’s love of kitsch decor.

Regular readers know that I’ll be moving in India in just two months. The experience at Vedana was so lovely, and my children enjoyed it so much, that I’m scouring my calendar and travel budget for a chance to go back.

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We recently did a family photo shoot in Saigon with Michelle Seltzer of Green Gate Photography. I loved the newborn photos Michelle did for us when Arianne was born here in Vietnam, but that was three years ago! I thought the photos of our last year in Vietnam would be a nice momento for the kids as we move to our next country.

The kids have grown up so much. We did the shoot at our apartment complex, Lexington Residencein District 2. January is a good time to do a family photo shoot in Ho Chi Minh City, because the weather is cool and it’s not as humid as other months. My kids were still sweating though after an hour of running around the playground.

Here are a few favorites!

Family Photos Ho Chi Minh City

See Arianne’s newborn pictures

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I spent five full days in Langkawi with kids for a Malaysia beach and wildlife vacation. I found Langkawi to be a perfect travel destination for young children (ages 2 and 5), as the island is small but there is plenty to do! The beaches were pretty much empty, and they had a wonderful time exploring. Here’s what I recommend doing if you go to Langkawi with young children.

Day 1


We took a tour from the Kilim Geoforest Park with Dev’s Adventure Tours. In the Geoforest Park, you can see monitor lizards, eagles, monkeys, and mudskippers. Most tours also stop at the Bat Cave where you can see hundreds of bats. Our tour also stopped at an island beach and the Hole in the Wall floating restaurant. Half-day tours start with a 9 or 930am pickup and drop you off at your hotel around 2 or 3pm. It’s a tiring day for young kids, so plan for naps or a quiet afternoon.

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One of the most popular tourist attractions in Langkawi is the Cable Car and Sky Bridge at Machincang Mountain. I was a little worried taking two kids, ages 2 and 5, up there by myself, but we managed it and they had a wonderful time! It is beautiful and a fun way to see the jungle from above. They loved feeling the wind and pretending they were surfing in the sky!

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