Snapshots from Hoi An, Vietnam

We had booked a family vacation to Hoi An before my husband tore his ACL and ended up spending school vacation in Bangkok for surgery. It was going to cost too much to change the tickets to another date when we could all go, and nobody was interested in buying them, so I asked our maid/nanny to come with me and Gabriel. It was her first time flying!

I was hesitant to go without Duarte, as I thought it would be too stressful to travel with a toddler and not have anyone else to do stuff with, but I’ve really been enjoying having time with just Gabriel. He spent most of today chasing around some baby chickens yelling “Chicky! Chicky!”, riding on the back of a bicycle through Hoi An’s historic old town, and swimming at the Red Bridge Cooking School while I actually got to eat (and chew) my food while he played in the shallow end.

The feature photo is the view from our villa, a two-story townhouse with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen and a large balcony. The space is 100sq meters, and the idea was that Gabriel would stay in the downstairs bedroom with the maid while Duarte and I stayed upstairs. The price was $72 per night and includes breakfast, bicycle use and WiFi. More about the property in a future blog post. For now it’s my secret!

Here are a few photos of what Gabriel’s been doing.

Red Bridge Restaurant Pool Hoi An

At the Red Bridge Restaurant pool

Baby bike seat Vietnam Hoi An Van Lan Villas

Read to ride! Our maid helps Gabriel into his seat.

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