Teachers’ Weekend in Singapore at SAS

This past weekend a colleague and I went to Singapore for an AP English workshop. The workshop was all day Friday and Saturday, but we had evenings and Sunday morning to do some exploring. I flew back early Sunday evening so I wouldn’t be away from my 20-month-old son for that long, but I definitely wish I’d had longer. Reports from the nanny, maid and husband were that Gabriel was actually better behaved while I was gone and didn’t ask for me once, so next time I go for a PD trip I won’t feel bad about extending a day!

Singapore American School - Middle School

Middle School entrance at Singapore American School

The AP workshop was hosted at Singapore American School in Woodlands, the northwest area of the island. It was a bit of a haul from central Singapore, but the facilities are really nice.

More photos and travel tips to come when I get done grading the 130 essays students turned in to me via Edmodo while I was gone!

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