Welcome to the New Expat Heather!

Thanks to the Thesis Theme for WordPress, ExpatHeather has undergone a major redesign. After using iWeb for six months, I decided it was time to swap over to WordPress before putting more work into the site. I love the look and functionality of the new site and am much more motivated to blog now!

A few kinks are still being worked out. If you use the custom search bar you may get results from the old website that have been deleted. Since I swapped blogging platforms, all the old urls are no longer valid. If you had bookmarked any particular page from the old ExpatHeather you will need to swap the reference for the new links.

I’m still working on the Pakistan, ESL, Links and Photography pages, as I’m actually planning to publish over a 100 informative articles about expat life in Pakistan and dozens of free ESL lesson plans on the new site. I’ll also be blogging regularly about travel, expat life and world issues.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy the new ExpatHeather!

6 Comments on “Welcome to the New Expat Heather!

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  2. I love the new site! And so happy that I can now add you to my google reader and actually get updates!

    • Yes, this site is SO much more functional. I’ve seen my Alexa ranking go from over 1 million down to 790k in just a few days!

  3. Hey Heather.

    I just discovered you on MatadorNetwork and wanted to say that I love your blog and your articles, especially the ones about being an international/ESL teacher.

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