With the increase of terrorist attacks worldwide and the threat of natural and economic disasters, it’s important to travel with basic safety items. Be smart and safe while traveling by always carrying a travel emergency kit on your person. Finances Always carry some cash on you, preferably enough to buy an alternate plane ticket, Read More

(Feature Photo by D Sharon Pruitt) Several travelers have asked me about the availability of over the counter and prescription drugs in Pakistan. Pharmacies are easy to find in urban areas, and both over the counter and prescription medications are available without a doctor’s prescription. A visit to the pharmacy is quick; there is, Read More

One of the things about the Azores that makes it such an unbelievable travel destination is the fact that the islands have not yet been really developed for tourism. The only tourists you’ll see are busloads of Germans or Portuguese from the mainland, and they mostly stay on the main island of Sao Miguel, Read More

After living in Lahore for over three years, I’ve seen many of the different areas. If I had to look for a new place to live, these are the areas I would focus on. I prefer quiet residential areas that are clean and generally not affected by political turmoil. Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Most, Read More

Before the days of air-conditioned (AC) coaches, First Class was the most comfortable way to go while traveling in India. Nowadays First Class is best to be avoided even if the weather doesn’t warrant air conditioning. All rail passengers looking to travel comfortably should consider First Class AC, AC 2-Tier or AC 3-Tier instead., Read More

According to the Indian Railways Annual Reports, over 18 million people per day ride on India’s trains. The figure may be staggering, but it’s even more amazing that you can book a seat on this vast rail network online. Here’s a step by step guide on how to book your Indian Railways tickets online., Read More