In addition to plucking up radishes from the ground. I have to say that three years in Lahore has taught me a great deal that I wouldn’t have learned staying in America. Most of these things have caused a fair deal of frustration in my life, but I believe that learning them has prepared, Read More

With temperatures hitting 121 degrees Fahrenheit (49 C) and at least eight hours of power cuts daily, it can be difficult to deal with the heat in Lahore. Here are some practical suggestions to stay cool when it’s scorching hot and there’s no electricity. Go Window Shopping Who says you need to buy anything, Read More

After living in Lahore for over three years, I’ve seen many of the different areas. If I had to look for a new place to live, these are the areas I would focus on. I prefer quiet residential areas that are clean and generally not affected by political turmoil. Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Most, Read More