Last week I posted the first 5 Things I Learned Living Abroad, but there are definitely more. 6. How to Drive in Chaotic Conditions I had thought the way people drive in Morocco was slightly insane (ie, passing 12 vehicles on a blind curve), but North African driving conditions seem tame compared to the, Read More

In addition to plucking up radishes from the ground. I have to say that three years in Lahore has taught me a great deal that I wouldn’t have learned staying in America. Most of these things have caused a fair deal of frustration in my life, but I believe that learning them has prepared, Read More

Deciding where you will live and work abroad is a major decision no matter what stage of life you’re in. Going over these factors will help guide you in making the decision that’s right for you. 1. Language What is the local language used outside of the workplace for daily transactions? Chances are that, Read More