Here you’ll find some of my favorite expat resources, blogs, and travel magazines.

These are sites that I actually use, read or check in on regularly, and many of the site editors and bloggers are people I communicate with on a daily or weekly basis and have been able to get to know through my work as a travel writer and editor.

Expat Life, Location Independence & Finances

Sovereign Man – Finance, lifestyle design, expatriation and offshore business
Location Independent – Website of Lea and Jonathan Woodward, resource for the location independent lifestyle
Four-Hour Work Week – After hating on the first half of this book, I found the second half practical and inspiring when it comes to restyling your life in order to work less and live more.
Expat Arrivals: Articles by Expat Women – Here you’ll find a good collection of articles on expat life including testimonies of having children overseas and raising ‘third culture’ kids.

Teaching Abroad

International Schools Review – The paid membership is worth it if you’re looking for an international school job.
Search Associates – Professional organization for international teachers. I’ve been a member since 2008.
Matador’s ESL Teaching Focus Page – Teaching tips and creative nonfiction narrative about teaching ESL abroad and at home.

Expat Blogs

Brink of Something Else – Travel writer and hostel owner Camden Luxford blogs from Peru
The Future is Red – Argentina-based writer and editor Leigh Shulman
Anne Merritt – ESL teacher and travel writer currently in Korea
A Totally Impractical Guide to Living in Shanghai – The often amusing thoughts of teacher and travel writer MaryAnne Oxendale
World Curious Traveler – Blog of American expat Mary Richardson, currently based in Washington DC but has lived in Japan

Travel Writing & Photography

Cuaderno Inedito – Travel writer and editor Julie Schwietert on the writing life. Thought provoking posts and excellent discussion among the travel writing community.
Geotraveler’s Niche – Photographer, writer and editor Lola Akimade’s personal site. Includes an excellent collection of her photography and published clips. She’s currently based in Sweden.

Travel Blogs

The Traveling Philosopher – Travel blog of writer Spencer Spellman. I particularly enjoy Spencer’s thoughtful posts on the nature of the travel writing industry, identity and career breaks.
Kaleidoscopic Wandering – Blog of travel writer JoAnna Haugen
Fevered Mutterings – Described by the author as “Accident-prone travel writer Mikeachim’s efforts to understand the philosophy, the ‘why’, of travel, and to remain alive while he does so.”
World Curious Traveler – Blog of Mary Richardson. Mary is currently based in Washington DC, but she has lived in Japan and traveled extensively in Asia and Africa

Relocation Services and Country Guides

Armishaws Expat Country Guides – Detailed guides relocating to Spain, Portugal and Italy. Armishaws also offers a full range of services for UK and Europe-based expats.
Logical Moves – Our school used this Vietnam-based company to move us to Ho Chi Minh City, and I recommend them if you are moving to or from Vietnam.
Schepens Expat Country Guides – Detailed guides for moving to France and Germany. Schepens also offers shipping, storage and moving services for UK-based expats.

Making a Difference

Night Light Bangkok – NGO in Bangkok that works with women in the city’s red light district to provide them with an alternate means of providing for themselves their families. I visited Night Light during a trip to Bangkok in 2009, and this is one of the organizations that my husband and I can totally vouch for if you’re looking for a cause to support monetarily.
Shining Light Community Development Organization – Based in Northern Pakistan, Shining Light is another organization that my husband and I have personally visited and support financially. Efforts focus on educational development, vocational training for women, and flood relief.

If you have a blog or website that you think would make a good addition to list, feel free to contact me and tell me about your current projects.