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Numerous public transportation options exist for traveling around Pakistan. Budget travelers can take advantage of cheap rates on buses, economy class train tickets and minivans, while those who prefer to travel more comfortably can opt for privately hired vehicles or quick flights between far-flung destinations. 1. Bus Buses connect most cities in Pakistan and, Read More

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If you’re planning on coming to Pakistan, here’s a list of books that will give you some insight into the culture and politics of the region. 1) The Dancing Girls of Lahore by Louise Brown An excellent first-hand account of life in Lahore’s red light district. British author and professor Louise Brown tells the, Read More

Shawls by Ashley Wang

In order to truly experience Pakistan, you should shop in a traditional open-air bazaar. Be prepared for a sensory overload and some tough bargaining. I lived in Pakistan for over three years, and I have spent countless hours haggling in bazaars. Here are my top 10 choices for souvenirs from all over the country., Read More


Traveling to India or Pakistan? Don’t let loss of sleep, dirty sheets or sunburns ruin your trip. Know what to pack for you trip to the subcontinent. Things to Help You Sleep If you’ll be staying in cities or spending time traveling on public transport you’ll probably want to bring things to help you, Read More


Since we lived in Lahore for three years, I receive a lot of emails asking me for advice about renting or buying properties in Pakistan. You might want to read this article first: Best Areas to Live in Lahore, Pakistan When we rented, we used Deal Makers in Defence Phase IV. Here are the, Read More

For expats and travelers to Pakistan, figuring out how and where to buy drinks can be confusing at first, and if you’re not in the know you can end up spending a lot of extra money, or worse, drinking some sketchy moonshine or faux beer that could seriously mess with your insides. Although I’m, Read More

This interview was originally published on the old ExpatHeather site, but the post was lost in cyberspace due to my attempt at moving around some files on the FTP server. Since it’s about time to start thinking about summer travel again and readers often ask me for advice about hiking and trekking in Pakistan,, Read More

So much exciting stuff happened in October that I barely managed to blog here at ExpatHeather! Here’s the latest news: Named Editor for Matador Abroad I was sad to leave my editorial intern position with Matador Abroad in August, but shortly after I was contacted by managing editor Julie Schwietert about the opportunity to, Read More

Last week I posted the first 5 Things I Learned Living Abroad, but there are definitely more. 6. How to Drive in Chaotic Conditions I had thought the way people drive in Morocco was slightly insane (ie, passing 12 vehicles on a blind curve), but North African driving conditions seem tame compared to the, Read More