Over the summer my husband Duarte and I filmed for House Hunters International. There were 5 total days of filming: 1 day in Lake George, New York with my family and 4 days in Ho Chi Minh City. We moved to a different house for our second year in HCMC, and I’ve been waiting, Read More


It’s still rainy season in Saigon, and Duarte and I are a full month into our second year of teaching at ISHCMC American Academy. Duarte was the Math Department Head last year and had a full load of math classes, but now he’s been swapped over to the Science Department where he’s teaching AP, Read More

Cognita Awards for Excellent ceremony 2013

Remember when I had to go to London for a one-day black tie event? I was a finalist at the Cognita Awards for Excellence as a secondary teacher. Cognita is a network of international schools that includes ISHCMC American Academy in Vietnam. While the majority of Cognita schools are in the UK, they also, Read More

Tuesday after school I headed off to the Saigon airport for a 2-hour flight to Singapore followed by a 14-hour flight to London. Upon arrival, my boss and I were picked up by a chauffeur and driven to Whittlebury Spa Hotel in Northamptonshire, about a 90-minute drive north of London. We arrived at the, Read More

I was recently interviewed on Expats Blog, a blog site that curates the best expat blogs from around the world. Expats Blog has published more than 180 interviews with expats from around the world. Check mine out here: American Expat Living in Vietnam Tweet

Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, and our Vietnamese friends and neighbors are busy celebrating Tet. At our son’s preschool, they had a colorful Tet celebration. Our nanny bought Gabriel a traditional silk ao dai. The kids also practiced dancing with dragon costumes. Many people travel during Tet to go, Read More

There are two reasons why I have not been keeping up this blog: 1. My son Gabriel (now 17 months) keeps me busy by engaging in activities like attempting to somersault off the couch. 2. In April, my husband and I accepted teaching positions at American Academy Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City and, Read More

Photo: Our nonfunctional fireplace. It’s much colder than the 65 degrees it should be. Holding my swelling belly with both hands, I heave myself onto my back and eventually achieve a position where I can glance at the digital clock on my nightstand. Blank. I know it’s after 4:30 a.m., but it’s still dark., Read More

Alright, so I’m the oldest in my family and my parents are really itching to tell everyone they are going to be grandparents, so here’s the news! Duarte and I are really excited; I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant and if all goes normally, the baby will be due at the end of January. FAQs:, Read More