Arianne 6 Months

Wow – with two kids time REALLY goes by quickly. In her first 6 months she has: cruised Ha Long Bay slept at a transit hotel in Tokyo flown from Vietnam to Boston and back again toured around Hanoi traveled to Mai Chau village met family all over Massachusetts gone boating with the grandparents, Read More

Arianne 5 Months

Arianne’s fifth month has been another month of travel and transitions. We spent most of this month in the US, and just last week I went back to work full-time. Until then I was breastfeeding exclusively, but now Arianne is having 1 or 2 bottles per day while I’m at work. I’ve been able, Read More

Arianne 4 Months

Arianne had a very busy fourth month! Here are some of her firsts: Flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Hai Phong Boat ride in Ha Long Bay Hotel stays in Hanoi, Mai Chau & Tokyo Visit to the US Solid food Zoo visit at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island Meeting family, Read More

Arianne 3 Months

So far Arianne is true to size, wearing 3-month clothes at 3 months. Gabriel was always at least 3 months “ahead” compared to the clothing labels. She has started teething more; it’s been strange to see her fussy since she has been such a relaxed and happy baby. She loves to babble and blow, Read More


After 3 visits to the Ministry of Justice in Ho Chi Minh City and 2 visits to the US Consulate, we have finally received Arianne’s first passport. We also received her official Consular Report of Birth Abroad. It was a relief to get it, as we struggled to get the Vietnamese birth certificate and, Read More

Gabriel Arianne2

The other day I was showing Gabriel his baby photos from he was 2 and 3 weeks old. When he looked at the photos, he said, “No. That not Gabriel. That Arianne baby!” He insisted those photos were not of him. Then I showed him his 5 month baby photos, and he recognized those, Read More

Lunch at Thao Dien Village

This is my 5th year teaching overseas, and for the first time a family member came to visit! I knew in the back of my mind that if grandbaby #2 would be born in Vietnam that might entice my mom to endure the 30+ hours of travel. She arrived 5 days before Arianne’s c-section, Read More


On Saturday we did a three-hour newborn and family photo session with Michelle Seltzer from Green Gate Photography. Michelle was well-prepared with a big box of cute baby accessories, blankets and swaddle cloths of different colors and textures, and a comfortable setup on a bean bag for baby to take her ‘glamour’ shots. The, Read More


Gabriel turned 3 years old on January 31st. He seemed to understand a baby was in Mama’s belly and was coming to our house soon, as he started making representations of our family with 4 people: Papa, Gabriel, Mama, Baby. Before Arianne was born, he liked to feel her moving and to give her, Read More