Family Accommodation: Apel Villas Sanur

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Just like Sanur Beach in Bali is currently my favorite beach in Southeast Asia, Apel Villas is one of the best places I have stayed. Ever. I wanted to move there.

The Villas

You can book a double room, a two-bedroom villa, or a four-bedroom villa. I booked through Agoda and the two-bedoom villa ended up being $120/night with tax included. The price for the double room was about half that.

In the two-bedroom villa, we had a gigantic master suite with bedroom and bathroom, a second bedroom, a full kitchen, and a spacious dining/living area with extremely comfortable couches. Everything was clean and in working order.

The Grounds

The best part about Apel Villas is the grounds. The pool is beautiful and has a lot of interesting features. It has two bridges on one end, and my son loved played “Three Billy Goats Gruff” on the bridges. He’d climb up one side, go over the bridge, and then jump in on another side. He also liked the steps in the shallow end. The pool was warm, and although the bar wasn’t in operation when we were using the pool, it was fun to sit on the bar seats. I imagine you would only need to ask to be served a drink there, as the staff was also fantastic.

Expansive gardens provided a nice green space where kids can run around. There is comfortable seating all over, and the garden is very quiet. Even though most of the villas were full during out stay, we never saw anyone else in the pool or the garden at the same time as us.

We spent so much time at the pool, that I totally forgot they also had a gym, kids’ club, pool hall, and lounge. Oops! Guess we’ll need to go back to try those out…

The Breakfast

Breakfast for four adults was included in our room rate. We choose a variety of American-style and Indonesian-style items. Two ladies came at the agreed upon time to set up the breakfast and to make our tea and coffee. We didn’t have to leave our room or do anything! The breakfast choices would probably get boring after 3 or 4 days, but it was an ample amount, tasty, and nicely presented.

The Service

I communicated with the manager prior to our arrival to arrange the free airport transfer and a crib for the baby. The driver met us at the airport in a clean, spacious, air-conditioned vehicle. We were brought straight to our room for the check in so we could get the kids settled at the same time.

The villas were about a 10-minute drive from the beach. The area wasn’t really walkable with young kids, but we had access to the free shuttle service with just a phone call. The staff was always friendly and willing to help.

My only complaints would be that the very far end of the pool near the bridges wasn’t clean, and of course that is where my son wanted to play. Also, the hardwood floors had been waxed or cleaned with something that made them slippery, so we had to be careful with the kids inside the villa.

Overall though, a fantastic experience. I wish we had stayed longer than 2 nights!

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  1. Hi there.My fiance and I would like to get marreid in Bali, in an area near the airport & Kuta (but not in Kuta itself). Can you recommend the most affordable villa for up to about 80 guests please? We’d also like very afforadble accommodation for our guests nearby, say max $90 USD/room (a couple) for our guests. We’d like a beachfront/cliff top wedding thanks. Look forward to hearing from you. RegardsPip

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