Arianne at 3 months

Arianne 3 Months

So far Arianne is true to size, wearing 3-month clothes at 3 months. Gabriel was always at least 3 months “ahead” compared to the clothing labels.

She has started teething more; it’s been strange to see her fussy since she has been such a relaxed and happy baby. She loves to babble and blow bubbles.

I’ve been enjoying a period of sleeping through the night; she has been sleeping from 8pm to 7am. Gabriel didn’t do that until about 18 months old! Or maybe it was 2 years…she definitely sleeps for longer periods than he does, although with the onset of teething I’m not expecting that to last. She still doesn’t like to tap naps during the day; the longest nap will be about 45 minutes. She’s very active in the day time.

Bumbo blue

Now she definitely recognizes when Mama is home, and she’ll track me around the room. She has also started to cry when I leave or when she wants me to hold her instead of someone else.

Solid food hasn’t been introduced yet, so she’s still at 100% breastmilk. It’s getting more difficult to pump when I’m away from home, but thankfully I’ve had some excess breastmilk in the freezer for the days when I’m not able to pump enough.

Arianne is starting to get really wiggly. She’s holding her head up well, and she can sit in the Bumbo for a few minutes. At the end of 3 months, she’s not a newborn anymore!

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