Gabriel & Arianne – Do They Look Alike?

Gabriel Arianne2

The other day I was showing Gabriel his baby photos from he was 2 and 3 weeks old. When he looked at the photos, he said, “No. That not Gabriel. That Arianne baby!” He insisted those photos were not of him. Then I showed him his 5 month baby photos, and he recognized those ones so he agreed they were Gabriel and not Arianne. Then we just went backward, all the way to the 2-week photos, and he realized those ones actually were him as a baby.

From some angles, they look alike at the 2/3 week stage. The photos in this post are Arianne on the left and Gabriel on the right. Today I noticed Arianne’s eyes are already turning blue like Gabriel’s.

How do they look alike as babies? How do they look different?

Brother & sister

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