Family Vacation to Nha Trang

During our December break we went to Nha Trang on Vietnam’s south central coast. It was a one-hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City, and definitely worth the trip. Here are some photos to show you what kind of things you can do during a family vacation in Nha Trang.

The photo above is the view from our hotel balcony…if you swivel your head all the way to the right and block out the Marriott construction site! When our son Gabriel first saw this view he said, “Oh wow! Oh nice!”

Nha Trang Beach Vietnam

The beach was clean, however the water was a bit too wavy to take Gabriel in on most days. The water was warm though, so older kids who can swim comfortably and like to body surf would love it.

Louisiane Brewhouse Nha Trang Vietnam

We spent a lot of time at the Louisiana Brewhouse, which was a 2-minute walk from our hotel and directly on the beach. The restaurant had its own brewery (You can get dark beer!), and a large pool. Gabriel liked trying the coconut juice, and I went back two nights in a row for the frozen cocktails.

Vinpearl Island cable car nha trang vietnam

Riding the cable car to VinPearl Island was fun. Gabriel liked looking down on the water and all the boats. At VinPearl, there are tons of activities for kids. We only had an afternoon and evening there, but you could easily spend the whole day at the waterpark, theme park, beach, shopping area and ‘food village.’

VinPearl Aquarium Nha Trang Vietnam Toddler

At VinPearl Island there is also a large aquarium and a theater with a sound and light show. Gabriel loved the aquarium and just kept looking up everywhere saying “Pishy! Pishy!”

Rainbow Diver Scua Nha Trang Vietnam

One morning, Duarte and I went out for scuba and snorkeling with Rainbow Divers while Gabriel’s nanny stayed back with him around the hotel.

Debbie's Beach Nha Trang Vietnam scuba snorkeling

The boat ride was really relaxed and we were able to see Vietnamese floating villages, fishing boats and islands. We stopped at Debbie’s Beach for our first scuba/snorkel outing of the day, had a light lunch and then did some more underwater exploration.

Traditional Restaurant Nha Trang Vietnam

One night we took a taxi out to a rural area near Nha Trang where there is a nice traditional restaurant. It is surrounded by rice paddies. The menu was handwritten on paper, and we were the only foreigners there.

Traditional vietnamese restaurant nha trang vietnam

We asked the nanny, Ms. Tai, to order the food for us since the menu was in Vietnamese. She ordered enough for a family of 10, but it was all delicious! It was my favorite Vietnamese food I’ve had so far.

We also spent a half-day at Thap Ba Hot Springs and had a mineral mud bath, but that deserves its own post. Mud bath photos and Nha Trang planning tips coming soon!

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  1. I was in Nha Trang in 2014 with my wife and 15 year-old grandson. We absolutely loved it. In 1968 I had been stationed with the Korean 9th ROK Infantry in Ninh Hoa (about 30 or so miles north of Nha Trang). We used to travel to Nha Trang periodically for supplies and it was a beautiful beach town at the time. It was like heaven compared to living with the Koreans in Ninh Hoa. We plan on returning in 2017 and staying for a month (or longer) to get a better feel on what it’s like to live there for a longer period of time. For anyone who wants to visit a terrific beach town, I think Nha Trang would be a good decision.

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