‘Study or Die’ – One Student’s View of Mrs. Carreiro

Here’s me sitting at my desk at American Academy. Compare to drawing below.

As a teacher, you often wonder what your students really think of you. My 7th graders were reading Walk Two Moons, and one of the themes of the novel is about how our views of people and situations can change over time.

I gave my students the following prompt:

Think of an instance when you formed an opinion about someone without knowing all the facts. How did you feel when you learned the truth about that person?

In the boxes below, make a visual representation about how you thought of the person at two different points in time.

They then had to write a paragraph about how their view of this person changed. Many students drew pictures of friends or other teachers. One student wrote about a friend who he had thought was shy, but then realized was actually very talkative. Several students drew teachers, first with a negative impression and then with a positive one.

And then one student drew me.

Funny student drawing

Apparently, over a three-month period I managed to morph from "Princess of Evil" to "Queen of Evil."

3 Comments on “‘Study or Die’ – One Student’s View of Mrs. Carreiro

  1. Oh my goodness! That is quite a cheeky student you have on your hands there. What grade are you going to give them? :)

    • Well, he did understand the assignment and write a paragraph explaining the drawings, so he got full credit.

  2. My first thought when I saw the picture was that the student had drawn you as a tree, and you were going to be called something like “Tree of Learning.” Then I read the words…

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