Info for Expats: Guide to Drinking and Buying Alcohol in Pakistan

For expats and travelers to Pakistan, figuring out how and where to buy drinks can be confusing at first, and if you’re not in the know you can end up spending a lot of extra money, or worse, drinking some sketchy moonshine or faux beer that could seriously mess with your insides.

Although I’m not a big drinker myself – I think I can count how many drinks I consumed during my entire three years in Pakistan – just being around other expats and locals who did drink taught me a ton about where to get your hands on alcohol in Pakistan should you so desire it.

Check out the full guide on Matador Nights: Drinking and Buying Alcohol in Pakistan

4 Comments on “Info for Expats: Guide to Drinking and Buying Alcohol in Pakistan

    • Avelino,

      I’m no longer in Pakistan, but you could contact the Murree Brewing Company (linked in Matador article).


  1. Hello, Heather

    I’m brazilian, and I have a collection of beers can, but Pakistan Murree, beer can is impossible get.

    I contact Murree Brewing Company, but dont have answers.

    You dont sent to me a empty can please?, I pay the postal charges.

    Many thanks from Brazil, sorry for my poor english.

    João Allioni

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