How to Get a Visa for India from Pakistan (for foreigners)

Getting a visa for India from Pakistan should be a straightforward process, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. If you’re in Islamabad, you can apply for a visa from the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. This requires going into the G-5 diplomatic enclave, a high security area. You must deposit all bags, cell phones, and other personal items at the security checkpoint and take a bus into the high security diplomatic compound. Check with the Indian Visa Office to see what their current hours are, but it is advised to go early in the morning.

If you’re in any other city than Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you can apply for an Indian visa via TCS or FedEx Visa services. You can not avail this service at any TCS or FedEx office, but only at one particular branch office in each city. In Lahore, the TCS Visa Office is located off of Gulberg Main, not far from Readings book store. To get there from Liberty Market, Defence or Cantonment, take Gulberg Main past Pace shopping mall and Hafeez Center. Take the next u-turn to get on the righthand side of the road. Get into the service lane as soon you can and look for the blue and white TCS sign on your left. Turn left at the sign and then turn right at the end of that road. TCS will be on your right. The visa office is only open until 4pm, but paperwork can take some time, so don’t get there any later than 3pm.

There are several frustrations with using the TCS Visa Service for your India visa. First of all, the application form is only available at the TCS office. There is no soft copy you can download. Application forms must be typed. Depending on your nationality, three to seven copies of everything will be needed. Be sure to talk to at least two people in the TCS office to get the correct number, as different people will tell you different things. Once I went there was told I needed three copies of everything. When I came back, I was told I needed four. It’s best to add one to whatever they tell you.

You need to pick up the form and get it filled in by a typist. Alternatively, you can type out the answers at home on the computer and paste them on the sheet and then get it photocopied. If they tell you that you need three copies of everything, go ahead and make four copies of everything. You’ll need four copies of your passport, four copies of any previous India visa pages, four passport photos, your passport, and four copies of the application. TCS will only give you one copy of the application and you’ll need to get it photocopied elsewhere. Do not fill it in by hand as they will not accept it and you’ll have to do it again.

Once you have all the copies made, go back to the TCS office and hand them in. This is when you’ll pay the visa fee. You will have to sign some forms saying that TCS is not responsible if your passport is lost en route or if you don’t get a visa. The fee will vary based on your nationality. You’ll need to give your contact information so they can call you when your passport comes back. Within 7 to 10 days your passport, and hopefully your India visa, will come back to the TCS office. They do not deliver and you’ll need to pick it up there. You may need to bring an alternative ID in order to get it.

It’s possible to get all the forms in the morning, fill them out, copy them and get them back to TCS and pay the fee within the same day. The problem is that there is not a typist or a photocopy place nearby. Your best bet would be to go to Hafeez Center (large electronics center) and find somebody to do it there. Otherwise ask a rickshaw to take you down to Main Market Gulberg (about 5 minutes away) and you can surely find those services over there.

If you are short on time, it would be faster to go to Islamabad and visit the India High Commission yourself. For Americans, it is easier and more cost effective to get an India visa from the US. Currently, you can get a 10-year multiple-entry tourist visa from the Indian Embassy in the United States, but you can only get three to six months from Pakistan.

**This information is for foreigners in Pakistan and not for Pakistani nationals. Pakistani nationals must go through a different process. Contact the High Commission of India in Islamabad for information. Also, this article was written a few years ago, and therefore this information may be out of date.

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  1. Thank you Heather! It was really helpful to read your post. A friend from mexico wants to visit India so she requires the Visa. I’ll go to TCS office tomorrow to get more information.

    Thank you!


  2. yeah! its realy good for me, i want to see india, for a week. & i want less cost procedure to go in india. me live in islamabad, so now me try to visit islamabad office

  3. Thanks Heather u told every point up there with detail thats really helpfull

  4. oh and one more question. is that necessary that we carry our luggage on donkey thats what u showed up there? or u compared a travler as a donkey ? :)

    • Maybe I chose the donkey since the process moves so slowly, like a donkey?

      • Please can any one tell me..I want to apply Pakistan visa for my Indian Indian friend want to com in Pakistan to visit please tell how can I apply for my Indian friend to com in pakistan

  5. Yeah, the donkey thing is quite innovative concept for bloggers ;), well a really nice post from you Heather. I’ll keep checking back.

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  7. Hello Heather…thanks for giving all this information. I have one question. My friend is from Pakistan but living in UK. She wants to visit India but she got Pakistani Passport. So which option is better for her. To go back to Pakistan and apply from there or to apply from UK.
    She also wants to settle down in India. What is the possibilities if you know any?

    • Hi Archi,
      I’m not very familiar with this as I’m not a Pakistani national myself. For anyone who wants to visit India, a tourist visa is necessary. For anyone who wants to work in India, a work visa is required. To settle, she’d need to apply for immigration or marry an Indian national. You can find out more by contacting the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. – They should be able to guide her as far as applying for the correct visa and letting her know how long it would take, as I believe Pakistani applicants must go through a security clearance.

  8. hello thanks for ur help but i need more help, i live in rawalpindi can i send my all documents to indian emassby by TCS, and how many cost a india visa from pakistan. pls pls pls help me out i’m waiting. sincere thanks, bye

    • Hey Sadia,

      India visa fees are different depending on your nationality. They are quite cheap for Pakistani citizens. For more information, you can contact the High Commission of India in Islamabad:

    • Fees: Rs. 2400/- + 200 contribution towards ICWF
      Original document + one photocopy to be signed in front of the Consular Officer
      Photocopy of inside cover pages of the passport or photocopy of the NIC card in case of Pakistani nationals
      Two recent passport size photographs

  9. thans for you effort
    Now i think there is a change in the procedure.
    we have to submit application online as well as its hard copies.all the information available in the websites of indian high commission Islamabad.

  10. Hi All

    I Want to go india Pune Maharastra So Can u Tell my any Process How i can Apply i am going india pune maharstra to meet my friend?

    And My Friend Want to come with me at pakistan so what it process full?

    • Tahseen, you and your friend should contact your nearest Indian and Pakistani consulates or embassies for further information.

  11. Sir How r u
    Sir i am from pakistan and i want to go india
    Sir I There is my Gril Friend i want to take her at pakistan
    and i want to marry here at pakistan
    so sir i dont know any way ho will take her at pakistan
    so sir please tell me all information or any idea?

    Thx ,,,,

    • Its all possible in the world 😉 so don’t think its impossible but its more risky i tried 2 times visit in pakistan


    • Hi Azan,

      This article is directed toward third-country travelers, not Indians and Pakistanis. If you are Indian or Pakistani, the best thing to do is to contact the local consulate or high commission and find out what the current regulations are. Third-country travelers can generally get visas to both countries without such requirements.

  13. I Mohd. javed from India. I got the marry Pakistani girl but my wife is living with me in India last five years. reason that my mother in law is alone in Sahiwal and she is more than 65 yrs. She wants to go India at Bihar (Patna) and i also wants to call her for India. Because i have marriage certificate of my wife with attestation in Ministry External affairs and I have made the affidavit for my mother in law behalf of me.
    So Can u Tell my any Process How i can Apply for Indian Visa. Sir please tell me all information or any idea.

    • Hi Mr. Javed,

      As an American, I’m only familiar with third-party visa regulations. For your matters, you should contact the nearest embassy or consulate, which it seems you have already done. Unfortunately I can not offer you any advice on your particular situation.

  14. what the visa is necessarily for go to Pakistan from India only for 3-5 days . please tell me very soon.

  15. I wish to attend a wedding party in Delhi, INDIA.Where is the visa form????????.On the official site the form avaliable is not acceptable to Grey”s ,TCS and not even in Indian embassy.Where is the two pages acceptable visa form????? How to find and where to find and locate the VISA FORM FOR INDIA. (MUNIR KHAN)

  16. Hi friendz How r u all ?
    I want to get indian passport but how I get Indian passport .Can any one tell me something about this ?

  17. maam my friend is an indian muslim n he lives in india.. he want to apply for pakistan visa.. where we should go and wha we should do… pliz help us

  18. i am ayesha i am from india.i want torist visa to pakistan how posibal?onliye 30 days and cost of pakistani visa?

  19. Please tell me how much cost is spent on the process of Visa for India i’m from Sialkot (pakistan) , I want to go india for 1 month

  20. we r 4 to 6 friends how wany vist to india ,taj mahal [agra] ajmair shareef and deli gat and some other beutiful much many we need in india only foe ten days,we will use taxi and some cheep hotals,because vist is impartant for uspla send me complet details of toure,thanx

  21. Heather,can you please guide how long does it take to get indian visa,we are planning to come in dec to Pakistan,and want to go to india for one week.we are pakistani national ,we have only 3 weeks in Pakistan

    • Hi Fareeha,

      You will need to contact the Indian government office nearest to you. If you are a Pakistani national the process is slightly different and usually takes longer.


  22. I have a series of ques.
    1-My father is above 65years , will he have to go to Islam Abad for visa or he can get entry fron wahaga.
    2-is it neccessary to attached utility bills of the refree in India with my visa application
    3-is it possible that me and my father apply for visa at the same time and get same travelling duration.

    • Contact the Indian government office nearest you to get current information.

  23. hi,
    i m pakistani,my fiancy (who is USA citizen is living in USA), he want to come in pakistan then we both(me and my fiancy) want to VISIT India.Basically he was born in India.
    KINDLY plz plz plz tell me IS IT POSSIBLE FOR HIM TO COM PAKISTAN THEN GO TO INDIA.??? Please answer me as soon as possible

    • Hi Sadia,

      Your fiance should contact the Indian and Pakistani embassies in the US for current information. Generally it is possible but if he was born in India it might be a little more complicated for him to get the Pakistani visa.This post is quite old so it would be best for you to contact the embassy for current information.

      All the best and congrats on your engagement.

    Hi Heather, my grandfather was migrated India , our blood relation lives india and i want to go to india, plz give me some suitable information that what i do? How can i aploy i am going to meet our relatives??????? And how long does this process take after visa application?????

  25. Hi Heather, my anty , our blood relation lives india and i want to go to india, plz give me some suitable information that what i do? How can i aploy i am going to meet our relatives??????? And how long does this process take after visa application?????

    • Zahid,

      You need to apply at the nearest Indian consulate or embassy. They can give the complete information on the timeline.


  26. Hi, Heather

    Is your information post here up to date? I am Chinese living in Islamabad now. If I apply for a visit visa, how long does it take to get it after submission of my application and documents?

    Thanks for you answering.

    • Hi Leenon,

      I haven’t updated this post in a while, but if you’re in Islamabad you shouldn’t have much problem getting correct information.

      Here is the website with contact info for the Indian High Commission in Islamabad

      Here are the visa helpline numbers:

      +92-51- 227 6658
      +92-51- 227 3932

      They should be able to let you know the current timeline.

      All the best!

  27. Fees: Rs. 2400/- + 200 contribution towards ICWF
    Original document + one photocopy to be signed in front of the Consular Officer
    Photocopy of inside cover pages of the passport or photocopy of the NIC card in case of Pakistani nationals
    Two recent passport size photographs

  28. Dear Heather

    Indian Government officer/sho/principal Id Card Required for visit visa that is not available so what should i do to visit for india plz tell me

  29. i m from Pakistan i wanna to visit India so how can i visit . i have some firends in India so plz give me all details……………………………………………….

  30. hi
    i wants to go india.but i have no idia wich documents required.
    kindly give me a complete information for visa. i am pakistani citizen.

  31. I am trying to access online visa application from and from but the application page is not opening . kindly inform whether there is other site from where a pakistani can access visa application.

    • i am from afghanistan and now i am in the pakistan and i will go to india by student visa ,what do i do?

  32. I am pakistan and I need india visit plz tell me what can I do??? And what prize of visa plz help me

  33. I want to visit India as i want to see the whole world how it looks like and what is happening there ……………………………………………………….

  34. i want to go india for working . i want to become actor. which documents are required can u give me the contact number of actor salman khan.
    plzz tell me

  35. I need a India visit visa from Pakistan
    For Ajmer shareef and north India Agra Delhi Jaipur
    Please help me
    What should I have to do

  36. mame i want going to india i live in sheikhupura .so pls tell us that i do what procejor .?

  37. Sir I am Usman Ali Shah from Lahore my father Mubarak Ali Shah born In india and travels 2,3 time india place visa issue me and I see my father and my family janm bhunee.

  38. i am pakistani but norwigiam pass holder .i want to trewal bangladesh through india by train need trasit visa what i do- pls gide me thnks.

  39. Hi I’m Pakistani I want to go India Jaipur I want Indian visa plz I want same detail of Indian visa price nd document

  40. I want to go in india as a visitor for meet my reletives at there in india. So can u guide me how can i apply

  41. Heather mam itna lamba procedure…Ap wese bol do hum nhi jate 😢😢😢

  42. Thanks! It was really enlightening to read your experience. A family friend from Australia wants to visit India so I think he’ll need a Visa. He’ll be happy for the heads up about the hassle. In these situations I think its best you have realistic expectations otherwise you’ll just end up being more upset than necessary.

    Thank you!

  43. Thank you for this information, I am making my itinerary and will have a stopover in Pakistan going to India as my final stop. I’ll be in Lahore and I’ll make sure to head out to the TCS Visa office before 3 pm. It will take time to accomplish the forms if they need three to four copies, is there any other place to get a copy ahead of time so we can just print it or accomplish before heading out?

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